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Donation #13

For our donation (8kg of power cat) for the month of May 2021, the deliveries were still made by shopee, probably here on out, as they are stationed at bulacan now, and deliveries are just way more convenient with shopee. Orders were made, on the 25th, and were delivered, a few days after. Also, there […]

Donation #12

For our 12th Donation, it’s made through Shopee ( 8kg of Power Cat ) as it provides the easiest way of delivery for Animal Rescue PH new shelter in Bulacan, I can’t believe it’s been a year since we’ve started making these donations with the help of everyone who supported the app and initiative; Together […]

Donation #11

Our 11th donation, is a little different, as we placed an order through Shopee, as request, since our beneficiary Animal Rescue Ph, has moved to San Miguel Bulacan. Our Donation is an 8 kg of Power Cat, images will be posted once they are available. Again thank you very much for supporting the cause. Every […]

Donation #9

Our donation for the first month of 2021, is an 8kg of Power Cat as requested by the beneficiary. Delivery was done by grab as well. 🙂 Thank you for your support and for making this possible. every little help counts.

Donation #7

Our 7th donation is another request, this time, it’s detick plus. the donation was ordered through shopee and will arrive in a few days. as usual we will post pictures, when available. also we are working on boarding new beneficiaries since the recent typhoon has done so much damage. we are always actively looking for […]

Donation #6

Our 6th donation was a request of rice, instead of pet food, we donated 20kg of sta. rosa rice bigas ng masa on Oct 26, 2020, will post pictures soon, we are still not able to make deliveries ourselves, hopefully in the near future we will be able to do so. This donation was made […]

Donation #5

Our 5th donation is another 16.8kg of Apro Tuna Cat Food, received the same day, smooth donation as well, looking forward to making more. Will post beneficiary testimonial as soon as they are available. Thank you very much for your support!

Donation #4

Our 4th donation is 16.8kg of Apro Tuna Cat Food, received the same day, and finally, we have something to show, delivered with Grab. Check the link below for the facebook post! https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=948520165643136&extid=ppWTkiCbZBfuBMqW Thank you very much for your support!